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Challenge Life

Our Challenge Community

Our mission is to inspire, engage and motivate our Challenge Community to enhance their lives.  

We use a simple and effective concept of teams, points and challenges. 

Our members score points for themselves and their teams by taking on the challenges we set. 

There are five teams you can join but as it’s all for fun, we recommend joining the team that needs the most help!

Join a team, gain a purpose, encourage your team to push their limits and they will do the same. 

Getting Involved

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The Monthly Competition

New competition starts every month
  • >> 5 teams to choose from.
  • >> A season is a calendar month.
  • >> Team points are reset every season, personal points continue to be recorded.
  • >> Point scoring challenges listed below.

The Challenges

and the points...

Workout Challenge

What is it - Gym or home workout of at least 40 minutes.

Available Points - 1 point per workout.

Rules - Maximum of 1 workout per day.

The Wall Chart Challenge

What is it - The Wall Chart Chart is an endurance based challenge broken down into small manageable chunks.

For the March Challenge, the Wall Chart is replaced with the virtual JOGLE challenge. There won't be any extra "wall chart" points available due to high amount of mileage points on offer.

Available Points - n/a

Rules - n/a



The Spot Challenge

What is it - The Spot Challenge is a short, on the spot challenge which changes every month and is repeated annually.

Available Points - 2 points for each attempt, with bonus points available for the top three scores in both male and female categories (added by admin)

1st Place - 12 Points

2nd Place - 8 Points

3rd Place - 4 Points

Rules - Up to four attempts each month.

The April Spot Challenge is: 

How fast can you complete the following Core based mini workout: 

30 Sit-ups

20 Leg Raises

10 Half Burpees


The exercises and reps must be completed in the order above in the fastest possible time.

Exercise Form Rules

On the Sit-ups the rear of the shoulders much touch the floor on each rep and you must come all the way up. 

On the Leg Raises the legs should be straight, heels must touch the ground on each rep, and fully come up on the way up.

On the half burpees the feet must come back so that your legs are almost fully straight and you must jump in reasonably close to where your arms are placed on the ground.  Resting is allowed at any point. 

Sending us a video is preferred, but not compulsory.   

Fastest time wins!

Best of Luck with the Challenge!

Other Info - Submit your score into the Challenge Life FB Community Group with the topic tag 'Spot Challenge'. Last entry is on the last day of the month at 19:00.

The Mileage Challenge

What is it - A distance  challenge, where points are awarded for travelling by foot or by bike.

Available Points:

By Foot 5 miles = 5 points

By Bike 12.5 miles = 5 points

Rules - You can complete up to 200 miles by foot and up to 500 miles by bike each month (200 points).

Fitness Classes

What is it - Join Challenge Life on one of our 24 classes per week, membership required from £20 per month.

Available Points: 2 points per class.

Rules - You can complete two classes for points per day.

More Info

Challenge Accepted

What is it - The Workout Of The Month is a Challenge Life generated workout which should last 30 minutes - 1 hour to complete.

Available points - 4 points for completing the workout.

Rules - The WOM can be completed up to 4 times in a season (1 month). Give Phuket a go!

Other info - Record the amount of rounds you completed so you have something to beat next year.


What is it - This month we’d love you to TANC.  We really really would.  So, our challenge to our lovely Challenge Lifers is ‘Can you Try  A New Class’ once a week, every week for April!? 

The classes are fantastic and there’s loads of them!  About 25 a week!  Most of us have our routine where we do the same class(es), with the same instructors and we love them - great!  However, for April, we want you to try something different. 

So, if you’re a regular at Alan’s Full Force Fitness at 7am Tuesday’s and Thursdays, why not mix it up a bit and enjoy Jo’s gorgeous dulcet tones for the excellent ‘Body Fire Up’ on a Wednesday, or Brilliant Brandon’s ‘Full Body Blast’ on a Friday!   (Come on, you can do it!)

I decided to mix it up a bit last week and gave Nasty Nic’s ‘Abs & Core’ a go and it was brilliant.  I really really enjoyed it and I only did it because I missed out on Alan’s FFF in the morning – this got me thinking, and hence TANC was born.  In April I’m going to make an effort to do as many as I can and I’m looking forward to trying out Lovely Lydia’s ‘Beat Fit’ and Fantastic Fred’s ‘Brand New Fitness’.   Also, I’ve never done a spinning class, so I’m definitely going to give that a …spin (apologies) with Alan.   Get out some aggression on a Thursday night with some of Laura’s excellent motivational skills with the new ‘Box & Burn’.  And talking of new classes, give Smiling Sarah’s ‘Flex & Flow’ class a whirl on a Monday after work.  And if you try loads and are feeling a bit achy, then you best get yourself along to Thomas’ Terrific Yoga.  I’m definitely going to give this a go!  There’s also so many more classes to try; such as Jo’s Fit to the Core (I learnt a load from this and it really helped with my technique/breathing), Nick’s popular (and rightly so) Female Conditioning or if you’ve got kids or a partner you want to get off the settee, then we even do an AbFab Family Fun session at 4pm on a Tuesday.

And what better way to finish the week with Steve’s Quiz on Sunday.  If you haven’t given it a go yet, then it’s a must.  Loads of effort and time go into preparing some fun, quirky and whacky questions whilst zero time appears to be allocated with any sort of points scoring system with the Quiz Master asking the contestants ‘who thinks they’ve won!’  Love it!  

So get TANCing, try a new class and a new instructor.  You just might find yourself a new favourite!!

Available points - 1

Rules - 1 point available per week for trying a new class

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The T-Shirts

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Standard CL Shirt

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Challenge Life Shirt

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The T-shirts are made from a neoteric textured fabric with inherent wickability and the UPF 30 UV protection mean that it’s incredibly comfortable and fast drying and makes this a great t-shirt for sport performance.

Available in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large sizes. 

Free for CL ‘Fitness’ members, £20.00 for CL ‘Challenge’ members.

You must earn the right to wear the shirt by achieving the relevant number of points.

Shop coming soon but in the meantime please contact us for orders.

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