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Gym Membership

Premium Membership

Become a Gym Premium Member for extra support and guidance to help you achieve your goals.

What’s included in Gym Premium?

On top of your standard gym membership, a premium membership adds a Personal Trainer to oversee your training.

Every 6 weeks you’ll check-in with one of our trainers to assess your progress and update your training programme.

What do you get?

Every 6 weeks you’ll receive:

  1. Personalised fitness programme based around your goals.
  2. General nutrition advice based on your goal.
  3. Body Stat Assessment measuring body composition (lean tissue, fat and water percentages).
  4. Goal setting and review.
What other benefits does a Premium Membership have?
  1. 10% discount on Challenge Central Events.
  2. £5 off massage treatments with our in-house Sports Therapist, normally £40 per hour, Premium Members £35.
  3. 10% discount on Personal Training packages.
  4. 10% discount on Food Intolerance blood testing.
  5. £10 off a body mechanics assessment or injury diagnosis session with our in-house Osteopath, normally £43, Premium Members £33.