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Shape Up Fitness

We are excited to announce a new outdoor training concept that will produce great results, whilst still being enjoyable and inclusive of all levels.

We wanted to create a training programme that helps our members improve their strength, fitness and body composition at the same time.

It is also important to us to be able to cater for different fitness experience levels in the same session.

The sessions will be structured, progressive, motivating, and will guarantee results for those who attend consistently.

Everyone in the class will have their own dedicated equipment (provided) and will do the same exercises. However, depending on the chosen level of difficulty the reps and resistance will vary for each individual.

Whilst reps-based, the session structure will be broken into time slots in order to keep everyone together. Any spare time you have can be used for extra recovery.

Session Structure:

5 Blocks of…

1 minute – Strength Exercise
1 minute – Fitness Exercise
1 minute – Recovery
x 3 Sets (9 minutes in total)

So that’s 5 blocks of 9 minutes (45 minutes), plus a warm-up and stretch.

Each session will also have a focus for the Strength exercises:

1. Lower Body
2. Upper Body – Push
3. Upper Body – Pull
4. Full Body x 2 per week

The fitness exercises will be bodyweight cardiovascular-based moves and will also include an abs exercise every session.

Pick your own workout level
Level 1 – Low Weight, Low Reps
Level 2 – Low Weight, High Reps
Level 3 – Higher Weight, Low Reps
Level 4 – Higher Weight, Higher Reps

In a nutshell, we’ve got a progressive, results-focussed training programme for improving strength, fitness and body composition. You can train together but socially distanced with your own kit in a time-controlled workout that is suitable for all levels.

10:00 Monday to Friday at Letchworth Fitness.

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