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Hadrian's Wall Challenge

Right, the Challenge Life elves have been hard at it thinking of what to do in February and hopefully we’ve come up with a belter.

As the seemingly never-ending Lockdown continues and the harsh reality of the long cold nights have well and truly set in, we really have thought about a challenge to raise spirits and bring us all together. Whilst even the most positive of minds are being tested and the cup that is nearly always ‘half full’ is now starting to look decidedly empty, we’d like to offer you a challenge that we’re sure will lift those grey skies.

Hadrian’s Wall!!  Over 70 miles of Roman built sweat, blood and tears and nearly 2000 years old – and we’re gonna smash it!

We reckon nearly every single one of us can do this.  It’s not about lifting, pushing, squatting, planks or burpees, it’s about attitude and commitment.  It’s about doing something every single day, come rain or shine, wind or snow.   It’s about mental strength, will-power and drive and we know you have that in buckets.

So, the challenge is to walk every day for 28 days.  You need to do a minimum of 4.2km per day (or 2.6 miles) to cover the total.  It’s intentionally every day, so you can’t miss a few days and then make it up when convenient.  If you do over 5 miles in one day you don’t get 2 ticks, or it doesn’t allow you to have a day off.  You can go as far as you like every single day, as long as the minimum is met.  Now if you walk at an average pace, say, 4mph, then it will take just 15 minutes to walk a mile and your walk will be done in about 40 minutes.  Therefore, you don’t need to buy yourself a fancy watch or download any apps, you just need to make sure you walk for 40 minutes a day in one hit.

It might take some organising, but you can do it.  We want this challenge to be done by more people than ever before.  And we know that there will be times when you don’t want to go, but these will be the most rewarding days once you’ve done it.  Plan various walks, have a favourite walk, have a ‘4.2 km walk’ so you know that if you’re really up against it you can quickly smash out the minimum required.

You might need to set an alarm, you might see some things you’ve never noticed, you might do lots of things – but we guarantee you, on February 28th when you’ve just walked back through your front door having completed the challenge then the satisfaction will be very real.  The 28th of February is a Sunday, and we propose we have a _ChallengeLife zoom call/photo to celebrate with a glass of wine!

We’re all in this together, lets help each other out and get through this pandemic.  We want as many Challenge Life participants as possible.  Remember, we are not average we are amazing, we’re all Challenge Lifers because we have things in common, we want to be fit and healthy, we’re social creatures, we want to be the best version of ourselves possible.  We are #AlansArmy and we are going to smash this.  #challengeaccepted

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