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John O’Groats to Lands End

Well, following on from the huge success of the Hadrian’s Wall challenge and the fantastic feedback we’ve received, the Challenge Life elves have come up with something similar so we can keep the momentum going.  But this time, you’re working in teams!!  John O’Groats to Lands End – can it be done!?  874 miles of England/Scotland’s green and pleasant land and we’re wondering whether any team can do it!  So all your combined mileage will be added together within your teams and we’ll see who gets the furthest!

But it’s 2 challenges in 1!  The first challenge is a personal one; can you personally walk further than last month?  We’re going to assume you’ve just walked Hadrian’s Wall (73 miles), so you have to beat that!  We’re going to round it up to 75 miles as the Challenge Life App you’ll all be recording your distance on works in 5’s.   You have 3 more days to do it than in February and there is no necessity not to miss a day – although of course, we do recommend you try and get your walking shoes on every single day.  This will not only help your total tick along nicely, but is also great for your mental health, not to mention fitness!!  10 bonus points available if you can beat your February distance.

Remember, as of 8 March in addition to a walking buddy, you can now sit down with them al-fresco and grab a coffee!  Then for the final push – 6 of you can walk together for the last few days!!  Oh the excitement!!

We will use the Challenge Life App (Apple / Android) to track your mileage so make sure you add points for the ‘By Foot’ challenge for every 5 miles you travel by either walking or running. We will regularly update the team total and show on a map whereabouts you are in the UK!  We’re going to start at the top and work down and the Challenge Life gang is split as to whether any teams can cover the distance!

RULE CHANGE – In an effort to keep real time scores and map tracking we are limiting point scanning to twice a day (10 miles). Ultimately this means you just need to add the distance as you go rather than waiting and adding a load of miles at once.

So keep walking, keep smiling, keep taking beautiful pictures and we’ll keep you updated as to where your team is!  Remember to ensure that every time you’ve done 5 miles you claim the points on the Challenge Life App and we’ll see what team wins it! 

Can any individuals walk 100 miles in the month?  (This will require you to average 3.2 miles a day every single day – over half a mile more per day than the Hadrian’s Wall requirements). 

Can any team cover the distance of the length of our little island?  Who will win? 

Have fun, stay safe and let’s get going.  #ChallengeLife #ChallengeAccepted

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