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Covid-19 Member Access Procedure

Letchworth Fitness
  1. Please use the ‘Gym Sync’ app to book your appointment for both classes and gym access slots. If you are booking for Personal Training, please book directly through your PT rather than using the app.
  2. The initial capacity numbers will be 4 members and 1 PT session per hour, up to 4 members in a studio class and up to 10 members in an outdoor class.
  3. Please ensure you have watched the videos shared in the LF Member Group showing access and describing the new protocols that are now in operation.
  4. Access to the gym is now around the side of the building as the main front door will be closed. Follow the building round to the left before turning right on to the patio and take the second door on the right up to the gym.
  5. Please use the provided sanitiser gels on arrival and exit as a minimum requirement.
  6. There is a one-way system through the building as indicated by the blue arrows on the floor. You will enter and leave the gym using two different staircases.
  7. Once you have arrived in the gym area, please follow the arrows to the reception desk for signing in. Your temperature will be taken by a non-invasive infrared device and Covid-19 related questions will be required to be answered.
  8. You will be provided your own cleaning cloth and spray. Please clean all equipment you use before moving on anything else in the gym. The gym will also be cleaned and disinfected by a member of the team during the 15 minutes between booking slots.
  9. The gym area will not be zoned so we must all be mindful and sensible regarding social distancing from other members in the gym.
  10. We regret that our fans and air conditioning units will be turned off. Although the units are very effective in reducing room temperature, they work on recycled air only and as such, pose an unacceptable risk.
  11. Upon completion of your session, please sign out at reception, place your used cleaning cloth in the marked box, sanitise your hands and follow the one-way system out of the gym.
  12. The Gents and Ladies toilet facilities will be closed but the Disabled toilet facilities are available to use, please follow the one-way system to access.
  13. We regret that as the main tennis club building remains closed, changing rooms and showers are not available for use as yet. The cafeteria is also closed for now.
Letchworth Fitness