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Meet The Member - Tony

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It’s ‘Meet the Member’ time again and this week we’ve had the pleasure of chatting to Tony Fry – and what a pleasure it was.

Tony knows us from the ‘Challenges’ he’s participated in (oh how we miss them), and has enjoyed the wonderful experience of cycling to Paris on an Elliptigo! (If you don’t know what that is, see the pics). He’s also travelled to Cologne with the team for a weekend. Happy Days.

Tony is another member we have that isn’t particularly local, he lives in Ongar with his wife and Max the Staffie. Despite living a fair few miles away, Tony can regularly be seen via zoom on the classes and is a mainstay of ‘Full Force Fitness’ with Alan. Although already extremely fit, Tony has seen his levels improve during Lockdown and admits enjoying (if that’s the right word), seeing his figures/reps increase week on week. Great work Tony!

Although leading the way in FFF, Tony does confess to struggling with the Power Burpee’s. They’re never a favourite of the taller members, and with Tony standing at 6ft 4, then it’s a long way down for those press-ups! Despite this fact, Tony embraces the challenge and very much has a ‘bring it on’ attitude! ♯challengeaccepted

The best thing about Lockdown is, ‘meeting the wife again! ‘She’s not a bad ole stick’, Tony chuckles. How romantic of you mate.

The worst thing about Lockdown is…’meeting the wife again!’. 🤣 He gives with one hand and takes away with the other!!

Tony, like many of us has said he’s missed the social side of life and being close to people, once we’re out of this mess he’ll try and improve on this he admits. Snap!

If Tony’s life was made into a film there’s only one person that would be man enough and big enough to take on the leading part of Big Tony – and that would of course be…Tom Cruise! (Bit of a character is Tony!)

His Autobiography would be titled, ‘He came, He saw, He did it Anyway – with a smile’. Sounds perfect mate!

When asked for an interesting fact Tony didn’t need to think for too long as one of his previous jobs was a ‘Grave Digger’. 👻 Tony chuckles ‘I see dead people’.

It’s been lovely chatting to you Tony and on behalf of all of us here at Challenge Life, we’d like to thank you for the non-stop energy and positive vibes you continually put out to the entire Challenge Life Family. Keep smashing Full Force Fitness and see you soon.