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It’s meet the PT time again and this week we’ve got our resident boxing expert, Laura Ozholl in the hotseat. 

Laura joined us in February as a PT after expressing interest in becoming involved with the Challenge Central team, following a willingness to work at Charity events supporting mental health issues. 

Laura lives in Clifton with her partner and has really enjoyed and made the most of the quiet period that we’re all going through, but as we come out of Lockdown she’d like to explore the possibility of moving somewhere with a bit more room and a garden. 

Laura teaches ‘Box & Burn’ on a Thursday night at 7.30 and admits it’s her favourite due to her love for martial arts and it’s the type of training that she enjoys most.  Before Lockdown Laura was looking at setting up a ‘Boxing for Fitness’ course and also a Kickboxing class in a small group or in a PT format.  It will involve short sharp bursts of intense exercise.  Laura adds that you’ll be working hard to improve cardio fitness and muscular endurance whilst focusing on good boxing technique and footwork. So watch this space – we’re sure it’ll be a great class.   In the meantime make sure you check out Laura’s Thursday night Box & Burn.

Laura’s favourite exercises are weight training and big compound moves with barbells, but my first choice would always be sparring or padwork for kickboxing or self-defence.  Nothing beats the great feeling you get when training on pads or kick bags.  Whilst Laura admits her worst exercise is probably running!

The best thing about lockdown for me has been learning to overcome a completely new challenge and finding a new way of working with people to help keep them focused, on track and positive in their health and fitness. Also becoming part of the Challenge Life team!  (And we love having you on board Laura).

The worst thing about lockdown has been not being able to see my family or friends.  Not long now hopefully Laura. (fingers crossed emoji).

Since a young age, Laura’s been involved in various sports and activities and spent about 15 years working with horses, competing at county level in show-jumping and studied a BA in Equine Business Management!    Since her early 20’s, Laura has worked in different industries (marketing, photography/events, music) and now as a Personal Trainer with 3 years experience working in a gym environment and also as a freelance PT alongside working as a musician/performer!  (And this is why we do these ‘bit’s’ on our lovely PT’s – I bet not many of you new that!  For the past 10 years Laura’s trained in Kickboxing and become something of an expert but she’s far too modest to say!  (I’d say 10th grade Black on Brown, weapons & sparring makes you an expert!) and she’s recently become an Assistant Coach for her Kickboxing Club.  Well done Laura!

Fascinating speaking to you Laura and learning a bit more about you.  We look forward very much to your new classes that are in the pipeline – in the meantime, 7.30 on Thursdays!!   Great fitness and loads of fun and if you’ve never done anything like a boxing class before, then you really should try it – we think you’ll love it!