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Covid-19 Client Access Procedure

Personal Training Letchworth
  1. Please arrive 5 minutes before your allotted appointment time as there will be a small site induction to process before your session can commence. This is to ensure you are familiar with our COVID-19 operational arrangements and additional health and safety requirements.
  2. On arrival at the club, you will find all doors are locked. Please follow the signage and wait on the patio area at the back of the club. Your Personal Trainer or Therapist will collect you from this area exactly 5 minutes before your allotted appointment and escort you to the gym area check in.
  3. Please use the provided sanitiser gels on arrival and exit as a minimum requirement.
  4. There is strictly one way pedestrian traffic through the building and this will be explained to you.
  5. Once you have arrived in the gym area, you will be shown to our reception desk for signing in and induction. Your temperature will be taken by a non-invasive infrared device and Covid-19 related questions will be required to be answered.
  6. If your appointment is for therapy, your Therapist will then escort you to the designated room and will be wearing PPE at all times.
  7. If your appointment is for Personal Training, your Trainer will remain 2 metres distant from you except where their physical assistance is required as part of your training routine. In this circumstance, your Trainer will wear a face mask.
  8. During your session, we regret that our air conditioning units will be turned off. Although the units are very effective in reducing room temperature, they work on recycled air only and as such, pose an unacceptable risk.
  9. For gym Personal Training clients, there will only be a maximum of two clients using the main gym at any one time. In respect of the studio, there will only be one client and one trainer at any time. There will be maximum of 1 client and 1 therapist in each of the treatment room at any one time. 
  10. For gym clients, the equipment will have been sanitised prior to your arrival. Your trainer will sanitise the equipment you have used on an ‘as you go’ basis, ensuring it is safe for the next client.
  11. Upon completion of your session, your Therapist or Trainer will escort you from the gym area back to the external patio utilising a different route from your method of entry.
  12. The Gents and Ladies toilet facilities will be closed but the Disabled toilet facilities are available in desperation as we have to sanitise after every visit.
  13. Following your visit, all equipment used will be sanitise and checked before the next client arrives.
  14. We regret that as the main tennis club building remains closed, changing rooms and showers are not available for use. The cafeteria is also closed.
Personal Training Letchworth