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Sarah Higgs

Personal Trainer


About Me

I have a passion for health and fitness but it hasn’t always been that way. During my youth, I was always useless at sport (unfortunately this still seems to be the case) and if you saw me in a gym, I would probably have just been chatting by the water fountain!

This all changed when I had my second child and put on far too much weight that just wouldn’t shift! After a couple of years of being trapped in a miserable cycle of bad diets and binge eating, I decided to join a gym. As my weight dropped, my confidence lifted and I love helping others feel the same, no matter what their goal is.

I love to train with weights as I like the way it makes me feel stronger both physically and mentally but I appreciate not everyone is happy to train this way; I will adapt to find a style that is both enjoyable and challenging to you.

As a working mother of two young children, I understand it can be a challenge to find the time and energy to work out and will endeavour to fit in around your schedule and motivate you with training that is both rewarding and fun. I don’t see my children as an excuse, I see them as a reason to be healthier and would like to help you feel the same.

Whatever your goal may be, I have the knowledge and the drive to help you achieve it. Let’s see what we can do!