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Training Protocol


Weight Management Programme

Weight Management Programme

Our Slimacise Training protocol is a 12-week programme designed for women that combines structured training, nutrition guidance and supplementation advice.

The key focus of the protocol is improving body composition through sustainable fat loss as opposed to just overall weight loss, which is often short lived and as a result of reduced muscle mass and water content.

The Slimacise protocol is predominantly based around resistance training for the fat loss benefits it produces. A decade of our own experience is backed by a growing number of studies supporting the perspective that resistance training is producing the best results for long-term sustainable fat loss.

Resistance training boosts the metabolism both in the short term post workout (up to 36 hours) but also in the long term as increased muscle mass equates to an increase in the body’s metabolic rate, causing more calories to be burnt throughout the day.

Resistance training also has the benefit of body shaping through muscle development and a stronger posture, which helps improve self-esteem and therefore motivation for continuation on the training programme. In comparison to cardiovascular training, resistance training is also better for body joints and produces less cortisol (stress hormone) in the body during exercise.

Exercise is of course only part of the solution, as exercising without nutritional considerations will impede or in some cases completely prevent results being achieved.

All of our clients receive a 15-page nutrition document summarising of our own education, research and first-hand experience from helping our clients transform their lifestyles and body shapes.

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