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Sophie Edwards - Meet The Member

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Meet Gym Member Sophie

Hello and welcome back to our favourite part of the week.   It has an international feel to it this week as in the hot-chair for our latest round of ‘Meet the Member’ is all the way from Amsterdam, the lovely Sophie Edwards.

Sophie joined Letchworth Fitness back in 2015 whilst training for the London Marathon and admits to only ever using the treadmill – a safer way to run after dark.  However, since then Sophie has got well and truly stuck into the wider Challenge Life family, firstly through classes, and then through PT with @ScottBallam. 

Sophie, together with hubby Nathan (also a Challenge Life alumni) and beagle Snoopy moved to Holland a couple of years ago and really enjoy the more relaxed pace the Dutch capital offers, especially when compared to commuting to London every day!  They regularly come back to Blighty and enjoy having friends and family come visit them also – sounds like you’ve got the best of both worlds Sophie.  Especially as you can still attend our fitness classes, albeit virtually.

Sophie loves weight based training and is happy to give both our very own Scott & @NickAnsell credit for this.  ‘I can judge my improvement by the amount of books I put into my rucksack for the level of resistance!’  Impressive!  Sophie is regularly seen on zoom together with Nathan as they help motivate one-another, but Saturday mornings are her own as she takes over the studio (aka the living room) for her favourite class – Nick’s female body conditioning.  (Ladies, get yourself along to it).  Sophie’s worst exercise are Squat Jumps.  I know what you mean SE, how can something that start so well, get so hard so quick!?  Also, Arnie Presses are pretty high on the dislike chart!!  Don’t worry, we won’t tell him!

During Lockdown Sophie has been able to get to know many of her relatively new neighbours in Amsterdam and has loved reconnecting with her old Letchworth Fitness friends during the many classes.  But the worst thing is ‘realising that my husband, whilst being lovely, is totally and utterly incapable of shutting a single kitchen door’.  (I can literally see wives nodding with you Sophie).

Things Sophie misses during this Lockdown include weights heavier than just the books in her rucksack, the cinema and a glass of freshly poured cold beer.   Her favourite is La Chouffe, a gorgeous Belgian Blonde!  But then tells us, that the pubs in Amsterdam have just re-opened so she’s off for a cheeky pint!!  (see picture to prove it!)

When asked who would play the leading role in a film about her life, Sophie replies, Rachel McAdams (we can see why).  ‘Nathan fancies her so I’d like to think we look pretty similar!  Yep – you do!  Her Autobiography would be beautifully called, ‘Take Courage My Friend’.  ‘It was the slogan for Courage Best Bitter and my late Dad’s favourite beer’.  Sophie quite rightly adds, ‘you need to be brave to get the best out of life, but also enjoy a good beer every once in a while!’

Before we left lovely Sophie she started talking about Eurovision, in fact, it was hard to stop her talking about it!!  Remarkably, her and Nathan have seen the Eurovision Finals live in Vienna, Stockholm, Kiev & Lisbon!!   That’s mental!  She won’t hear a bad word about it!  (And also Rachel McAdams is about to play the lead role in a film about Eurovision)!!  Is it Rachel McAdams or is it you SE?

On that note, Goodbye, Auf Wiedersehen, Au Revoir, Tot Ziens & Arrivederci.  Total pleasure Sophie.