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Workout Zone

What is the workout zone?

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Guns & Tums

3 challenging tri-sets to focus on the arms and abs. Each set to be completed 3 times.

30 mins, Intermediate/Advanced

Equipment – Dumbbells, pull up bar, floor mat, stopwatch/timer

Abs & Core

10 exercises to work the core and abs. Do 10 reps and 3 sets of each.


30 mins, Beginner

Equipment – Floor mat, optional weight, stopwatch/timer


Full Body Band Workout

3 timed circuits to strengthen the whole body. Each circuit is to be completed 3 times.

30 mins, Intermediate

Equipment – Resistance bands (ideally with D handles), stopwatch/timer


Kettlebell Challenge

5 exercises in 5 rounds with decreasing reps working both upper and lower body. How quickly can you compete all 5 rounds?

30 mins , Intermediate/Advanced

Equipment – Kettlebell, stopwatch/timer