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Training Protocols

The training protocols are a collaborative creation from the AMC Team which combines training, nutrition and supplementation guidance into a twelve-week structured programme.

Our result driven training programmes have been designed for the most common goals of our clients including Fat Loss, Body Shaping and Performance. The protocols are broken into three blocks of four-weeks with varied and progressive exercise routines. Our Body Balance protocol does have a slight exception to this structure as it has been designed as a precursor to our main protocols. This programme is six-weeks long and is broken into three blocks of two weeks.

Each protocol includes an in-house written nutritional document to help educate our clients on the foundations of nutrition with specific tips and example plans for the relevant goal. As every client is different, the protocols effectively act as results proven templates where training and nutrition are tailored to each client’s needs and goals. The standard protocols with example workouts and nutrition plans are available to purchase as standalone products or with a single personal training session to help implement the plan.

Axe Fat

Fat loss training programme designed for men.


Fat loss training programme designed for women.

Project Hench

Sculpt your body to become leaner, stronger and more defined.

Project Shape

Sculpt your body to become leaner, stronger and more defined.


Increase performance through proven strength & conditioning training regimes.

Body Balance

Body Balance provides the foundation strength to move forwards.

Fit For Life

Fit For Life is either a combination of our other protocols or a completely specialised plan for a unique goal.